RAP:I:STAN is about stories and people. Refugees, asylum seekers and Danish youth meet, exchange stories and create new experiences together. They do so by using hip-hop, poetry and storytelling. RAP:I:STAN is a platform for dialogue with the aim of raising awareness about the people behind the news and statistics. It is a creative space and an artistic playground for young people in Copenhagen! Follow the project on Facebook

Contact: Projektleder Mathias Findalen: Rapistan@Rapolitics.org
The project

We want to foster a creative dialogue between young people with a refugee background, asylum seekers and the youth in Denmark.

It is all about expressing yourself, working together and sharing stories.

The Activities

We conduct various activities including rap, poetry and storytelling workshops. We create events, debates and visit schools with our educational material in order to engage students in dialogue


The Materials

RAP:I:STAN offers a range of educational materials, which can be downloadet here.



The People

We cooperate with a series of cultural organizations including Trampolinhuset, Venligboerne and Forvandlende Fortællinger. The project is supported by the Ministry of Integration, the Ministry of Culture, Smukfonden and Roskilde Festival.

The Book

The stories of some of the young refugees who participate in RAP:I:STAN can be read
in the book “De Flygtede (They Fled)” (published in 2017 by Ungdomsbureauet)