Street Art Signatures
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Graffiti and street art is a creative way of expression that brings color to concrete wall and other parts of a grey city. RAPOLITICS works not only with rap music, but also with other urban expressions. RAPOLITICS Signature is our first graffiti project, but the not the last one

Project info

RAPOLITICS Signature was a street art exchange project for Danish students. It took place throughout August and September 2011 and was realized in collaboration with the Danish/American/Jamaican artist Juse One (Brandon Lewis) and the Gambian arts collective Bushdwellers, responsible for some remarkable street art projects in Africa. The project was part of the Danish Center for Culture and Development’s teaching and workshop program Underworld Pictures In Motion. While the main activities took place in Danish schools, the project was founded on fieldwork in Gambia.


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Number of youth 50 youth in Denmark
Donor DCCD / CKU
Timeframe September 2011
Responsible Aya Lee