Girls Speaking Up @ BeatMekka

RAPOLITICS has been involved with StreetMekka in Copenhagen on and off since 201o – on an activity level. With the opening of the BeatMekka studio at StreetMekka in 2013, we have embarked on a strategic partnership with StreetMekka where we offer intensive rap workshops for both untrained and experienced young rappers from all over Copenhagen. in 2014 we offer a rap school at BeatMekka and now we are starting a project only for girls.

Project Info

Speak Up! was all about creating a greater interest in rap, spoken word, poetry and stage-performance amongst girls in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. We experience that some girls have a tendency to hold themselves back during RAPOLITICS-workshops. Therefore, we offered workshops designed especially for girls who dream of being able to express themselves through rap, spoken word and poetry. We wished to see more girls engaged in these forms of expression and hoped to recruit more female raptivists and artivists!

Speak Up! was a place where girls had the opportunity to play with words, improve their skills and hang out together. RAPOLITICS’ experienced and talented coaches, Iris Poparic and Maj Ørskov coached and guided the participants.


The first workshop take place Monday September 8th 2014. The eight workshops offered coaching in the fields of rap, spoken word, poetry as well as stage-performance. The participants worked together during the workshops, and in conclusion, performed live at Friday Jam at GAME. The workshops take place every other Monday from; 17:00-21:00. The project was finalized December 2014.


Article: It is harder for girls to to bad things (In Danish)
Photos, tracks and videos will be posted here soon.

Project Title Speak Up! @ BeatMekka
Number of youth 20+ youth in Copenhagen
Donor Vestebro Urban Renewal Project
Timeframe Sept – Dec 2014
Responsible Julie Bundgaard