Video Shooting in Sierra Leone
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Sierra Leone is known for its oral tradition. But after 10 years of civil war over the country’s diamond mines, forced recruitment of children as soldiers and forced relocation of almost half the country’s population, Sierra Leone now has a generation of young people who have lost their families, their history and their identity.

Project Info

RAPOLITICS SHOOT  was a mobile film project in partnership with and WeOwnTv – an organization that has been working with a group of youth from Sierra Leone teaching them to tell their stories through short films and thereby regain their voices. RAPOLITICS conducted a series of workshops in September for youth in Denmark with the participation of two prominent young filmmakers from Sierra Leone, Arthur Pratt and Lansana Mansaray. In April, RAPOLITICS travelled to Sierra Leone in order to gather information, meet our partner and the youth, and get inspired for the workshops in September.


Pocket videos produced by youth in Denmark
Pictures from our trip to Sierra Leone, April 2012

Read article in Danish about our trip to Sierra Leone

Read blog entry about the festival in April
DCCD’s Teaching Material (in Danish)

Number of youth At least 250 in Denmark
In cooperation with CKU / DCCD
Timeframe April & September 2012
Responsible Aya Lee