Research trip to the Middle East
Bokra (1)

After working in Denmark and Bolivia for a few years, RAPOLITICS was eager to explore the Middle East.

Project Info

The project aimed to identify local partners in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon for a project that engages young people in democratic dialogue through music and lyrics. Meet up in the Mashriq was a pilot project that involved collaboration between RAPOLITICS and Bazaar Music Shop, a creative space for young people aged 15 – 20 located in Nørrebro, a neighborhood in Copenhagen. Both organizations have substantial experience in working with music and poetry as a means of promoting a fruitful dialogue on both cultural and social issues as well as important issues like democracy. Both organizations have long shared the aspiration of extending these activities to the Middle East. The pilot projects involved a trip to Lebanon, Syria and Jordan to identify potential partners and local resource persons, organize joint workshops to test methods, and develop a joint project proposal for fundraising for long term cooperation. A result of the research trip was RAPOLITICS Bokra.

Number of youth N/A
Donor ActionAid Denmark
Timeframe March 2011
Responsible Kim Kristensen