Bolivian Street Raptivism

RAPOLITICS started working in Bolivia back in 2009. Since then, we have conducted activities in both El Alto and La Paz reaching out to a great number of youth and aspiring rappers. We support hip hop as a tool of cultural resistance and political reflection and are therefore very much enganged in El Alto, where rap music tends to be powerful expressions of social indignation leading to greater political awareness between the indigenous youth.

Project Info

The purpose of Raptvismo was to work for indigenous youth empowerment in el Alto and La Paz, Bolivia, in cooperation with the youth organization Khana Aru Imanthata (KAI) and UNICEF. The project reached out to over 7,000 marginalized Aymara and Quechua youth with more than 100 workshops in schools, prisons and streets; 2 intensive Playground-courses; hip hop festivals and street performances; the release of 3 CDs with songs about raptivism; visits by Danish rappers and training of Bolivian RAPOLITICS-coaches. RAPOLITICS collaborated once again with the Bolivian rap group Wayna Rap, which is a driving force behind KAI.


Final Report August 2012
Pictures from RAPOLITICS’ activities in El Alto 1

Pictures from RAPOLITICS’ activities in El Alto 2
Pictures from RAPOLITICS’ activities in El Alto 3
Videos from RAPTIVISM on YouTube

Extra video about our activities

Number of youth 7.898 youth in Bolivia
Donor Roskilde Festival
Timeframe January 2011 – July 2012
Responsible Lucas Nielsen