Jordan: Spotlight on the Future
Bokra (2)

Bokra means “Tommorow” in Arabic. RAPOLITICS embarked in a challenging mission in October 2011 with the RAPOLITICS Bokra project. With the Arab Spring still fuiling demonstrations in different countries in the region, and with young people playing an important part, we focused our energy on enabeling a creative discussion about the future with the participation of rappers from Jordan, Lebanon, the West Bank and Denmark and targetting youth in Jordan. Bokra was all about constructive rap, political reflection and youth activism.

Project Info

RAPOLITICS Bokra aimed at empowering local rap artists from the Middle East, especially from Jordan, Lebanon and the West Bank. We conducted a rap coach course in Amman, where upcomming rappers from the region learned about participatory approach, appreciative inquiry and empowering facilitation, and engaged in creative exchanges with themselves and with Danish RAPOLITICS-coaches. In Amman, we furthermore implemented an intensive Playground-workshop, where the participants was granted with a fun space for youth self-expression. The result is a number of tracks about issues that play an inportant part in the lives of youth in Jordan. More info about the project will follow soon.

Pictures from Bokra rap coach course # 1 in Jordan

Pictures from Bokra rap coach course # 2 in Jordan

Pictures from Playground workshop in Amman
Videos of our RAPOLITICS-coaches in the Middle East
Blog: Where is the Rap Revolution in Jordan?

Donor MS ActionAid Denmark
Timeframe October 2011 – April 2012
Team Ava Houshmand
Mathias Findalen
Linda Johansen
Lucas Nielsen