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RAP:I:STAN is a project supported by the Ministry of Integration and will be implemented with our partners ‘Forvandlende Fortællinger’ and ‘Trampolinhuset’ through a two-year period. RAPOLITICS has worked with refugee youth in Jordan and Denmark before. In Denmark we have for many years partnered with Smiley:Days.

Project Info

RAP:I:STAN centers around creating a platform for dialogue and citizenship among primary school pupils in Copenhagen and young refugees using rap, spoken word and poetry slam as tools for youth empowerment. The project seeks to help young refugees to avoid social isolation and to meet other young people, while they get the opportunity to let their voice be heard through creative citizenship. At the same time primary school pupils will become more aware of what it means to be a refugee in Denmark, and thereby gain a thorough understanding of ethnic discrimination, so that they oppose discrimination in the future. The partnership with ‘Forvandlende Fortællinger’ and ‘Trampolinhuset’ will secure a strong and multiple access for both refugees and primary school pupils to different understandings of empowerment and citizenship.

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Project Title RAP:I:STAN
In cooperation with Ministry of Integration
Ministry of Culture
Roskilde Festival
Timeframe 2016-2017
Responsible Mathias Findalen