Rap Queens from the Middle East
Malikah (6)

Malikah is an Arabic female name that means queen. RAPOLITICS focused on strong female artists from the Middle East with this project. Female artists from Lebanon and Palestine worked together with Danish female rappers and DJs in a joint project about female power, Arab rap and dialogue about strength.

Project Info

RAPOLITICS Malikah introduced Danish school children to strong, independent, creative and accomplished female rappers from the Middle East. The project consisted of a series of workshops throughout September 2011. The workshops were facilitated by two female Danish RAPOLITICS-coaches: Tina Mweni and Kathrine (KCL) from B-human in cooperation with two international guests: Venus (Chantal Harmouche) from Lebanon – one of the Middle East’s up-and-coming female MCs – and 3arapeye!! (Safeya Hathot) from the the West Bank in Palestine – a young conscious rapper known from the award-winning documentary Slingshot Hip Hop.


Article Road tripping med rapdivaer (Danish)
Pictures from the workshops in Denmark

Project Title RAPOLITICS Malikah
Number of youth 250 youth
Donor DCCD / CKU
Timeframe September 2011
Responsible Aya Lee