We at RAPOLITICS have worked closely with Vallekilde Folk High School since 2015 and in partnership with Revolution Records in Egypt. In 2017, we are expanding the partnership to include Bolivia as well. So we already have some experience working with Folk High Schools. However, Rap & Politics is a brand new subject, which we will teach at the Krogerup Folk High School in Denmark later this year. So we are starting a new kind of partnership with a Folk High School this year – and we are very excited about that!

Project Info

In “Rap & Politics” we will lead students through how Rap, Spoken Word and Poetry Slam can empower young people and create change in societies around the world today. We often talk about raptivism – the link between rap and activism. Throughout the classes we will discuss the potential of activism through creative platforms such as music and art, but we will also give examples on how we as citizens have the ability to create social movements that can foster change. You will also be able to engage in a direct dialogue with raptivists and experts from around the world that work with hip hop as a tool for youth empowerment. This will happen through skype sessions, direct meetings and documentary screenings.


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Project Title Rap & Politics
In cooperation with Krogerup Folk High School
Timeframe November – December 2016
Responsible Mathias Findalen