Rap Workshops in Avedøre
Vocalize 1

RAPOLITICS has been active in Avedøre City, Denmark, since 2011. Mads from RAPOLITICS’ board works in an youth institution in Avedøre and we have been lucky to conduct different activities for the youth there.

Project Info

In 2011, we conducted RAPOLITICS Vocalize in Avedøre, where youth debated with local politicians and a a rap workshop in the Autumn Holiday in partnership with “Sammen om Avedøre”. This year, we conducted a rap workshop in the Winther Holiday in partnership with “Avedøre for Alle”. We hope to be able to engage more youth in Avedøre with our new project Tomorrow Today and with new activities.


Pictures, tracks and videos will be uploaded here.

Project Title RAPOLITICS Vocalize!
Rap workshops
Number of youth 200 youth in Avedøre
Donor / partner Avedøre and the EU
Fritidscentret Enghøj
Timeframe 2011 – 2012
Responsible Mads Johansen