Rap @ BeatMekka

RAPOLITICS has been involved with StreetMekka in Copenhagen on and off since 201o – on an activity level. With the opening of the BeatMekka studio at StreetMekka in 2013, we have embarked on a strategic partnership with StreetMekka where we offer intensive rap workshops for both untrained and experienced young rappers from all over Copenhagen.

Project Info

We have used the BeatMekka studio since the opening in April 2013 to host workshops as well as to record tracks with youth and with raptivists from abroard, for instance Palestinian Unit from Gaza and Refugess of Rap from Syria. In June and July 2013 we offered an intensive rap course at BeatMekka for both trained and untrained rappers as a part of the Tomorrow Today project that focus on revolutionary rap and the Arab Spring. In November and December 2013 we offer rap workshops and studio recording for youth at the neighbourhood of Vesterbro and Sydhavnen. We continued with the rap school in 2014. At the moment, RapItUp is not open.


Article about RapItUp
Flyer from RapItUp (Facebook)
Tracks from RapItUp 2013
Pictures from RapItUp 2013 (Facebook)
Pictures from rap workshops at BeatMekka (Facebook)

Project Title Rap @ BeatMekka
Number of youth 100+ youth in Copenhagen
Donor Diverse
Timeframe 2013 – 2015
Responsible Maykel Valerio-Hernández