Rap Against Discrimination
Stemplet project 2015

in 2014 The Municipality of Copenhagen invited RAPOLITICS to be part of their new ‘anti-myth’ campaign. The campaign was based on a survey on discrimination in Copenhagen that maps prejudices of different minorities. The campaign seeked to clear up and put an end to negative imaginations of the “Other” and to make young people reflect on their own and other’s prejudices. We facilitated rap workshops and it was a great success. We are therefore happy to continue the partnership with the Municipality for their new focus on discrimination.

Project Info

in 2015 RAPOLITICS facilitated 12 rap workshops at schools around Copenhagen. The workshops focused on discrimination. Many rappers use their music to put words on experiences with prejudices and discrimination. And the hip-hop culture itself is full of prejudices. RAPOLITICS has produced a new set of teaching materials, which prepared the students to work with the theme and as a preparation for the interactive and creative rap workshops. The workshops were booked through the Municipality of Copenhagen.


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Teaching Material about Discrimination and Hate Crime
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Project Title Rap & Respect
In cooperation with The Municipality of Copenhagen
Timeframe Summer/Fall 2015
Responsible Lucas Nielsen