Rap Against Discrimination II

Since 2014, the municipality of Copenhagen has invited RAPOLITICS to be part of their anti-discrimination campaign. The campaign is based on surveys on discrimination in Copenhagen mapping prejudices of different minorities. The campaign seeks to clear out and put an end to negative imaginations regarding other ethnicities and to make young people reflect on their prejudices in society. RAPOLITICS facilitate rap workshops and so far it has been a great success. We are glad to continue the partnership with the Municipality in 2018.

Project Info

In 2018 RAPOLITICS will facilitate 15 free rap workshops at schools in Copenhagen. The workshops focus on discrimination. RAPOLITICS has a set of teaching materials, which will prepare the students to work with the theme and the workshop-method of rapping. The workshops can be booked by clicking here!


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Teaching Material about Discrimination and Hate Crime
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Project Title Rap Against Discrimination
In cooperation with The Municipality of Copenhagen
Timeframe Sep – Dec 2018
Responsible Andreas Stokkendal