Palestinian Fall in Copenhagen
Palestinian Fall 1

Hip-Hop has always been a language of the oppressed and marginalized. We at RAPOLITICS have a sweet spot for Palestine and we can feel the strugle of the Palestinians through hip-hop from Gaza Strip and the West Bank. That is why we invited the Gazan rap group Palestinian Unit to Denmark in 2013, have had several visits from Palestinian female rapper Safaa throughout the years and have invited a handfull of rappers from the West Bank to project activities in Jordan and Denmark. Now, we have teamed up with MS ActionAid Denmark for a series of activities entitled “Palestinian Fall”

Project Info

Palestinian Fall is all about creating awareness about the situation in Gaza and the West Bank through a series of concerts, film screenings, debates and workshops. The program is packed – check it out here. The first big event will be on September 20th, where RAPOLITICS will conduct a spoken word workshop, present a video collage and hold a showcase with some of our RAPOLITICS-coaches. Keep yourself informed about all the activites on our Facebook page and on ActionAid’s program site.


Event Palestine in My Heart # 2
Event Palestine in My Heart # 1

Project Title Palestinian Fall
In cooperation with MS ActionAid Denmark
Timeframe September – December 2014
Responsible Lucas Nielsen