Oil, Rebellion & Rights in Peru
OD1 (2)

Operation Day’s Work (OD) 2011 focused on indigenous rights in Peru’s rain forest with the purpose of vocalizing a silent disaster. OD is the high school students’ union, which each year collects money for an international project that focus on improving the education of youth in marginalized settings. In 2011, the focus was on the Peruvian indigenous peoples’ struggle against the international oil companies and the money raised went to the training of environmental agents to document oil spills and the physical and social consequences.

Project Info

RAPOLITICS held 20 workshops during the OD Theme Days in schools all over Denmark under the headline: Rebellion and Rights in the Rainforest. Two RAPOLITICS-coaches helped the participants with their rap lyrics that conveyed the message of the campaign. After all the workshops were conducted, the best rap song was selected by a jury consisting of members from RAPOLITICS, OD, and a rapper. The winner group recorded their track in November 2011 and their track was distributed via OD’s and RAPOLITICS’ websites and social media.


The winner group’s track:

Number of youth 500 youth in Denmark
Donor OD
Timeframe September – October 2011
Responsible Camilla Kronborg