Krumping Liberia

Krump is a challenging cross-border, intense and highly energetic street dance related with hip hop and with a series of movements from various African dance forms. Liberia was originally founded by freed slaves and became an independent republic in 1847. More recently, Liberia, which is particularly known for ‘blood diamonds’, experienced political coup, revolution and a violent civil war. Liberian krump is a powerful expression!

Project Info

Krumpers from Liberia conducted workshops for Danish high school students. The students were challenged with this expressive dance with improvised battes, dramatic story, corporal storytelling and energetic freestyle. The workshop set the stage for participants to break the boundaries, give herself and work with both body and psyche. Furthermore, youth culture in Liberia is a incorporated theme in the workshops. Each workshop was concluded with a final performance with the artists and the students..


The video above is made by Laura Lindegaard.
Documentary #2: This, too, is Liberia
Article (Danish): Unge i Høje-Taastrup prøver grænser af
Article (Danish): Dette er også Liberia
Blog: Krump & Hipco: Youth Expressions in Liberia
Pics RAPOLITICS’ travel to Liberia in April 2012
Pics krump workshops in DK Sept + Oct 2012
DCCD’s Teaching material (in Danish)

Number of youth 100 youth
In cooperation with CKU / DCCD
Timeframe April + October 2012
Responsible Aya Lee