Hip Hop Hub


RAPOLITICS’ project Hip Hop Hub was one of the 440 project ideas chosen by Nordea-fonden to be implemented with their great support!

Project Info

Hip Hop Hub is all about providing adolecents and youth around Denmark with the opportunity of translating pieces from the Danish cultural heritage into new exciting products using hip-hop (rap, breakdance, dj’ing, beatbox, graffiti and street art), poetry, spoken word and storytelling. Hip Hop Hub is also a national network of youth organizations around the country that are committed to this project. It is a three year long project starting in January 2016, but the network with continue its work beyond that. Get more information at Hip Hop Hub web or download more info in Danish about the project here.




Documentation (in Danish)

Web www.hiphophub.dk
Pictures on Facebook
Article Youth, Rap and Knowledge
Article Young Rappers Interpret Danish Cultural Heritage
Add on Ud&Se about the project
Description of the project in Danish

Project Title Hip Hop Hub
In cooperation with Nordea-fonden
Timeframe 2016-2018
Responsible Aya Lee
Sif Ƙstergaard Zachariassen