Exploring Egypt

RAPOLITICS has since 2010 worked hard in order to start a project in Egypt. Now after the Egyptian Revolution, we are even more eager to turn our attention to Egyptian youth and create a space where they can reflect about their lives and situation and where they can express themselves in a creative and constructive way.

Project Info

The purpose of this research trip was to meet potential partners in Alexandria and Port Said. RAPOLITICS travelled with DCCD and connected with a significant number of rappers, youth organizations and other relevant people, talked a lot about the need of youth in Egypt to be able to express themselves as well as about their need for a space where they can explore music, reflect on the world and shape artistic products. MC Deeb, Arabian Knightz and Revolution Records visited Denmark back in September 2012 – see documentation below. This research trip enabled us to design a new project with Revolution Records that will be implemented in 2013.


DCCD’s Teaching material (in Danish)
PM Press Release in Danish
Pictures from Copenhagen
Invitation Egypt Hip Hop Bash!
Article Revolution Rap on the School (Danish)
Article from CKU part 1 and part 2 (Danish)
Article Hip Hop from Tahrir Square in CPH (Danish)
Article Can Words Change the World? (Danish)
Article Egyptian rappers have become the voice of a generation that has had enough (Danish)
Article Mostly Revolutionaries, but also Rappers (Danish)

Project Title RAPOLITICS BOOST part I
Number of youth N/A
Donor CKU / DCCD
Timeframe April 2012
Responsible Camilla Kronborg