Diamonds & Rap in Sierra Leone

RAPOLITICS cooperated with OD in 2011 where the focus of their campaign was on Rebellion and Rights in the Rainforest in Peru. In 2012, the OD campaign focused on establishing a youth movement in Iraq by using sport activities to empower the Iraqi youth – and RAPOLITICS contributed with rap workshops in Denmark. We continue the strong partnership with OD with this year’s campaign that focus on youth from Sierra Leone’s biggest diamond area, Kono. RAPOLITICS has previously worked with artivists from Sierra Leone with the project Video Shooting and we are happy to be able to yet again use rap as a way of disseminate and advocate for the situation of youth in Sierra Leone.

Project Info

This year, we partnered again with OD contributing to their Sierra Leone campaign with rap workshops for high school students in Denmark. The workshops aimed at informing the students of this year’s campaign theme in an alternative and creative way. RAPOLITICS coaches assisted the students to write their own rap lyrics reflecting the challenges and potentialities facing the generation of young people living in Sierra Leone’s diamond area.


Article Students from Roskilde record track
Article about youth rapping about Sierra Leone
Article about rap workshop in High School
Track from Rosborg High School
Track from Roskilde High School
Pics from workshops (Facebook)

Project Title Diamonds & Rap in Sierra Leone
Number of youth 500+ youth in Denmark
Donor / partner OD
Timeframe September – October 2013
Responsible Casper T. K. Jensen