Rap BOOST in Alexandria

RAPOLITICS has since 2010 worked hard in order to start a project in Egypt. Now after the Egyptian Revolution, we are even more eager to turn our attention to Egyptian youth and create a space where they can reflect about their lives and situation and where they can express themselves in a creative and constructive way. In April 2012 we travelled to Alexandria to find potential partners and there we met Revolution Records –the first underground hip hop label and one of the pioneers of the Egyptian hip hop scene. After the research trip, in September 2012, Revolution Records visited Denmark, where they participated in a series of activities and where we designed the BOOST-project.

Project Info

RAPOLITICS BOOST targets the new generation of Egyptians who lived the revolution of January 2011. The project aims to support the presence of artistic expression in the debates of the future of Egypt by promoting art, specifically hip hop music and culture to a broader audience in the city of Alexandria and beyond and by underpinning the development of art forms based in the streets. The project consists of establishing a semi-professional recording studio and a training centre for youth in Alexandria, further capacity-building Revolution Records and implementing a series of activities, including public events, rap workshops and a hip hop festival.


Infographic Boosting Hip-Hop in Alexandria
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Workshop Beatbox (Facebook)
Workshop graffiti
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Project Title RAPOLITICS BOOST (part II)
Number of youth 1.000+ youth in Alexandria
Donor CKU / DCCD
Timeframe April 2013 – October 2014
Responsible Camilla Kronborg
& Kiki H. Hansen