BOOST // Denmark Tour

RAPOLITICS has teamed up with Revolution Records for many years. We first met them in Alexandria in 2012 and they visited Denmark same year. The research tour also resulted in a partnership project from 2013 to 2014 with a series of activities in Egypt including the establishment of a new recording studio and training center for youth in Alexandria. Revolution Records guested Denmark again in 2013 as a part of the RapLab MENA project, which was a training camp for raptivists. Finally, we have embarked in a partnership between RAPOLITICS, Revolution Records and Vallekilde Folk High School in 2014, which so far has resulted in a youth exchange between Danish and Egyptian youth and an Egyptian Revolution Tour in 2015.

Project Info

in May 2016, we welcomed Revolution Records back to Denmark for a series of concerts in the cities of Copenhagen and Aarhus. They performed with Manus Bell and the whole Home Studio Productions as well as DJ Mor Ugle in three different concerts. They also recorded a track, which will be published here soon.


See video of concert tour
Invitation Concert # 1 in Copenhagen
Invitation Concert # 2 in Copenhagen
Invitation Concert in Aarhus

Project Title BOOST // Denmark Tour
In cooperation with Municipality of Aarhus (Aarhus Musikpulje) and others
Timeframe May 2016
Responsible Mia Beyer
with extensive help from Oliver, Andreas and Rasmus