Bolivian and Danish Raptivism

We invited the rap group Wayna Rap from Bolivia to Denmark in order to participate in RAPOLITICS Play and travel both in Denmark and Finland promoting their message of raptivism. Then, Danish rappers travelled to Bolivia.

Project Info

Wayna rap travelled with GAM3 throughout Denmark performing for over 1.000 youth in marginalized neighbourhoods and they went to Finland, where they performed at Kunningassoundi Club and the TV show SUMMER. Wayna Rap recorded the song “One” with Zaki and Vakili and “La Union de la Revolución” with Ren Reflex and Ali Sufi. Also, they were incooporated in the Play project where they conducted workshops for youth from Amager and Nørrebro. The two Danish rappers Zaki and Vakili visited Bolivia for three weeks to perform, participate in workshops and record tracks. In total, our message of Raptivismo reached nearly 3,000 youth mainly in El Alto and La Paz. Zaki and Vakili were also interviewed by national and local media and appeared in three live shows on Bolivian television.


Article Lyt, tænk og rap

Project Title RAPOLITICS.BO.DK part 1 & II
Number of youth 4.000+ youth
Donor CKU / DCCD
Timeframe Sommer 2009
Responsible Lucas Nielsen