Bolivian Hip Hop Travel

We have worked in Bolivia before with the rap group Wayna Rap and the hip hop organization KAI. First time was in 2009 with activities in both Denmark and Bolivia. We had a bigger project from 2010 to 2011 sponsored by Roskilde Festival where we reached out to more than 4,000 marginalized adolescents and youth. Bolivia is a priority country for us so we are happy to be able to travel back to El Alto and kick-start a new partnership with KAI.

Project Info

We travelled to Bolivia in October 2015 to work with KAI on a project that aims on establishing Hip Hop Home – a center for hip hop and youth empowerment in El Alto. The aim of the travel was to design a sustainable plan for how Hip Hop Home will be operated after the project periode. We are currently working on an application for the whole project, which will be submitted in December making it possible to start the project, if the funding is granted, in March/April 2016.


Photos of the trip to Bolivia Oct 2015 (on Facebook)
More photos, videos etc. will be uploaded here.

Project Title Bolivian Hip Hop Travel
In cooperation with CISU – Civil Society in Development + Wayna Rap + Khana Aru Imathata
Timeframe October 2015
Responsible Lucas Nielsen
Camilla Kronborg