Everyone has a right to tell their story

Everyone has a story to tell. In RAPOLITICS we believe that everyone has the right to tell their story!

By telling your own story you reflect on your reality, engage in a dialogue and are able to affect other people’s perspective. We support young people in sharing their stories through hip-hop and other urban artistic expressions and we inspire them to engage in their communities.

Rap as an art form is founded on the basic principle that all people have a voice and a story to tell. When rapping you actively create the social reality you are a part of and in this sense, rap in its very essence is already political.

We expand horizons and promote action

Hip hop for us is not just music but a culture and an ideology. At its best, hip-hop can promote knowledge, pave the way for inclusion and bridge gaps between cultures and classes. With hip-hop we can change things for the better. This is what raptivism is all about.

As a global and democratic art form raptivism has an innate potential for empowering and enabling its performers and fans to address injustices and inequality with their own words and on their own terms. Raptivism is a way to think, act and create, as well as a tool for supporting freedom, unity, peace, justice and solidarity.

By promoting raptivism within the hip-hop movement, we support young people around the world in their efforts to understand themselves and others, to form their own opinions, and to demand to be heard by the politicians and others excluding them from having a say. We foster a curious, critical and creative approach to understanding and influencing your own society.

We create knowledge and learning

We collect, develop and disseminate knowledge about street culture. We explore and challenge raptivism and artivism through the development of new concepts of learning and artistic constellations. We share forgotten and repressed stories from all over the world by cooperating with hip-hoppers, artivists and fans on a global level in the creation of tracks, videos, cyphers and other artistic expressions.

We expand the frames of creative learning by using hip-hop as a learning method in schools and by using raptivism and artivism as a platform for knowledge and learning in different settings and contexts.

We breathe raptivism

We at RAPOLITICS breathe raptivism. It is in our veins. We have a passion for promoting raptivism and artivism and for making it possible for young people to learn and grow from the hip-hop movement and from other urban artistic expressions.

We love hip-hop
We respect hip-hop